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While choosing the best dog food for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels is.
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Are the puppies implanted with micro-chips?

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Are they good with seniors? Do they get along with other pets? Do they travel well? Has my puppy been de-wormed? How difficult is it to train Cavaliers? How old must a puppy be before leaving to a new home? How do I choose the vet?

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Is it a problem to have a Cavalier in the same household with other dogs or cats? Is there any different care needed for our Cavalier in winter time? What size of crate should we get for our puppy? Contact us. Feeding your Puppy. A puppy eats a lot of food. A good rule of thumb paw? What do we feed our puppies? We feed our puppies Go! Grain Free dog food. Our puppies love it and we do too. We find that puppy stools are smaller and firmer with this food. At just 14 or so pounds, an increase in just a pound or two can have a significant impact on the well-being of your spaniel.

Obesity leads to a host of chronic health issues including pain in the joints especially the hips , heart issues, and difficulty breathing. These spaniels are also prone to food allergies. There are excellent grain free foods on the market as well as those avoiding the other allergens. You may have to get creative with your foods or find one that contains no common allergy ingredients.

Another helpful food consideration is to avoid potatoes. Calorie recommendations can vary dramatically with this breed. Here are our top picks for high-quality foods for your spaniel. It uses high quality, lean proteins from turkey and chicken, plus freeze dried turkey for an extra protein boost. It includes Omega fatty acids for healthy coat and skin, plus glucosamine for joint support.

Other vitamins and minerals support joints, eyesight, heart health, and mental abilities.

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It contains just nine pure ingredients, including deboned chicken for high quality, lean protein. It supports digestion, which should make it easier for your puppy to receive critical nutrients without overeating. Vitamins and minerals support growth. Spaniel puppies can be especially sensitive. This can affect the quality of the skin and coat, as well as weight. With this dog food, your puppy should avoid some of the major food allergens and their health impacts.

Canidae is a family owned company that uses high-quality whole ingredients sourced from the United States, never imported from abroad.

Best Dog Food For Cavalier King Charles : Top Puppy, Adult & Senior Recommendations for 12222

Blue Buffalo uses something called LifeSource bits in their food. This is a combination of vitamins and minerals plus antioxidants. It offers more complete nutrition for your senior dog than just average food. It starts with deboned chicken for a high quality, lean protein source, plus brown rice for better quality carbohydrates. Senior dogs can get picky in their old age.

Mix the two together after carefully considering the calorie needs of your senior, or alternate between dry and canned food if your dog will continue to eat the dry food sometimes. The red meat recipe can help your dog gain critical protein in its later years while avoiding poultry allergies if your spaniel suffers from those. It can also provide fiber and moisture, helping with digestive issues.

Wild Calling uses limited ingredients and cuts out most known food allergens for dogs.

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There are no generic ingredients or fillers, including soy, wheat, gluten, egg, yeast, or corn. It has a complete amino acid profile and contains omega fatty acids for hair and skin. Be warned. Spaniels that develop allergies or weight issues often have chronic problems that plague them for the rest of their lives. Investing in quality food now will help reduce the amount of time your spaniel spends at the vet.

Despite health issues, spaniels are a long living breed. The coat and skin will be soft and supple, helping with grooming issues and long-term allergy maintenance.

6 Best Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Dog Food Plus Top Brands for Puppies & Seniors

As far as vet trips? Hopefully, just check-ups with the right diet. That sweet face is an excellent family dog with adaptable energy. As you follow your friend through all the stages of life, your Cavalier King Charles should provide you with years of wonderful companionship.

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