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There are various Bible verses that reference the topic of "sins of the father." The theme of this phrase and topic mainly relate to whether we are.
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She eventually did meet her soulmate. She was in her late 30s when she married Wulf Dieter Burwitz, a writer who shared her toxic views. One such thug was Anton Malloth, a guard who beat at least a hundred prisoners to death at the Theresienstadt concentration camp.

Sins of the Father

He went underground after the war. In , Burwitz hired a room for him in a Munich old age home. Malloth was finally arrested there in It may take as long before Jacob Zuma, who has his own secret history of camp life, finally appears in court to answer fraud charges. She was the first one to eat of the fruit; she was the first one to sin.

However, the Bible states that sin entered the world through Adam Rom. This is because Adam was the Federal Head of all mankind. Furthermore we see in the Hebrews the following:. In the verses in Hebrews we see that Levi, who was a descendant of Abraham, paid tithes to Melchizedek while still in the loins, "seed," of his father Abraham even though Levi was not yet alive. In other words, Abraham, the father, represented his descendants. As Abraham paid tithes, so also did Levi. We can conclude that God will visit the iniquities of the fathers upon the descendants because the fathers have failed to be covenantally faithful.

Yet, we see in the other verses a declaration of legality in dealing with people. There is no contradiction.

Sins of the Father - Bible Verses and Meaning of Parental Sin

This article is also available in: Indonesia. Do the sons bear the sins of the fathers or not? Exodus , Deuteronomy and Deuteronomy ; Ezekiel Yes, they do. Deuteronomy - "Fathers shall not be put to death for their sons, nor shall sons be put to death for their fathers; everyone shall be put to death for his own sin.

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Why do the innocent have to suffer because of the actions of the guilty? We can expect little else from those who have no view of eternal consequences, and who do not recognize the right of God to do with His creation as He pleases, but for the Christian, the matter is resolved with a single thought: If the innocent cannot die for the sake of or under the punishment of the guilty under God's justice, then the sacrifice of Christ could not be permitted either.

Objection: When you refer to "direct affronts to the majesty of God" you're saying that while vicarious punishment is forbidden to humans, God can indulge in it all he pleases. Not at all. It is nowhere offered that situations like the Flood, etc.

For the sins of the fathers

It is not such a descriptor; the list was originally many years ago a direct response to an item in a Skeptical publication, which incorrectly saw the listed passages as violations of Deut. What these actually were, were cases of corporate punishment though the setting and purpose of each was different and would have to be discussed individually. Let it be indicated that objections to such punishment are grounded in the mutation of individualism which is unique to modern, Western nations.

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The ancients as collectivists see link 2 below considered it neither immoral nor wrong that a family or a people as a whole would or could suffer collectively for the error of one who led the group, or that any "innocents" within their borders young or old would suffer collectively. Indeed they expected punishment to be corporate for sins committed by kings or by the group as a whole, or where a sin was committed that affronted the majesty of the group's deity, thereby requiring a public response that was visible to the group as a whole.

Of course, we do have a form of such punishment even today -- e. The Nuremberg trials provide another sort of example. Many of the Germans accused of war crimes insisted that they were merely following orders. As individuals, they claimed to be doing the right thing despite whatever transgressions were laid at the feet of the German state. What law could they follow that was higher than German law?

The point is this: Judgments against the corporate entity must have consequences for whatever or whomever constitutes that entity. Corporate benefit is the other side of the coin, but few Skeptics seem to wish to concentrate on the fact that God dispenses grace to a far greater number of generations than the number of generations who suffer owing to the iniquities of their forefathers.

By the definition of justice, it is not fair to punish the innocent for something he or she did not do. This is once again the modern mutation of individualism speaking; the ancients would staunchly disagree as collectivists. In this view, all who associate themselves with the corporate entity share in the responsibility of that entity. Again: Modern individualism is a mutation. On the other hand, we may also add that in almost every case cited, any individual could have done something to either get out of the punishment, or else a figure in authority like a parent could have done something to keep the innocent from suffering, but didn't.

Finally, two points. First, in terms of any idea of sparing the "innocent" such as babies and children, we need to first consider that the ancient world was not full of tax-supported social services, nor with individualists who thought a marginal life better than death; see more at Link 3 below, which also offers more on the "sins of the fathers" subject. Second, let us repeat what we once offered to another on the subject of David and Bathsheba, which can be applied in turn to other instances:. If having no effect at all meant that thousands who otherwise would have come to God and found eternal life instead went to eternal condemnation, is that worth the physical not eternal life of one person?

For Christians this is a simple matter: The death of one man paid for the salvation of billions. Visible judgment upon a very public offense as the means to accomplish the same, though to a lesser extent. Let the skeptics gnaw on their sound bite; they are time out of mind and thinking in two dimensions as usual. Latest News Ministry Manifesto What we do! Featured Resource Defining Inerrancy. Starting with the "individual responsibility" side, there are three that are cited: Dt. The son will not share the guilt of the father, nor will the father share the guilt of the son. The righteousness of the righteous man will be credited to him, and the wickedness of the wicked will be charged against him.

Now, from what we might call the "other responsibility" side -- verses which are cited as teaching that one person can be punished for the sins of another: Ex. Deuteronomy: Down With Pagan Justice A key to understanding this business is a concept called vicarious punishment that is found in the law codes of the ANE. SPPS, ] offers these examples: A creditor who has maltreated the distrained sin of his debtor that he dies, must lose his own son. If a man struck the pregnant daughter of another so that she miscarried and died, his own daughter must be put to death.