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You'll bag five Catskills ' peaks along the way: Indian Head Mountain, Twin Mountain, Sugarloaf Mountain, Plateau Mountain, and West Kill Mountain. From the Prediger Road trailhead, follow the red NYDEC trail markers. The trail starts out fairly level as you hike into the base.
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Devil's Path Marathon

For those who can hack it, it's a true "bucket list" achievement. Here's a look at some of the highlights of this trail. What to know about Devil's Path. The trail is easy at first, but don't let that fool you. Devil's Path, located at the deeply wooded border of Greene and Ulster counties, was named by the region's early Dutch settlers, who looked up at these jagged peaks and declared that only the devil could live there.

The first climb is up to Indian Head, ascending a good 1, feet from the start. The whole route is With rocky trails, cliff bands and limited water, this is a serious endeavor. Hikers will want to start at dawn, have a car parked at the other end ideally filled with cold beer or other beverages , and be in very good shape before they attempt this route. This is NOT a beginner hike!

Indian Head, elevation 3, feet, is your first summit. If you started early, it should still be cool and still.

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Enjoy the view, but don't linger — you've got a long way to go! Twin Mountain, with its two peaks, is your next destination. This is a good time to stop, check the map and eat some food. Devil's Path is a hike that requires some serious fuel and lots of hydration throughout the day. From here, the trail gets serious. Just descending to the next valley requires some serious obstacle negotiation, like this one You will be surprised how steep the climbing is on the Devil's Path, like this section that rises from Pecoy Notch to Sugarloaf Mountain.

The view from the various summits isn't the only surprise. At the top of Sugarloaf, a hiker with a sense of whimsy attached some Christmas ornaments to an evergreen tree. From Plateau, it's a long, hot descent down rocky trails to the only road crossing on the route, at Stony Clove. There's a campground here with running water, but it's closed early or late in the season. Enterprising hikers will have left a car with supplies. Or, if you bring a filter, there's a brackish lake with water to purify. It's a long, hot, tiring climb up to Hunter.

I have a car and if you also have a car , we can arrange the beginning and end of each stage.

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During the month of May I continure route in the Catskills. If you want, we can arrange some stage together. As far as water, major issues, and trail markings as well as anything else major to note.

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Thanks and best wishes on your travels. Hello, Rob. I will go out on Saturday May 16 at a. If possible, I will do the complete stage, and if I see that it is too much for my strength, I have thought about sleeping on the trail. I hope the outside temperature permits bivouac as to reduce weight does not take tent. Any advice from the experts? All these comments are very helpful! Hopefully the snow will be gone by then. My question for those of you who have hiked some of this: how technical are some of the climbs.

No need for anything different from your normal hiking gear; just some basic scrambling skills and the ability to use your hands in going up or down. Has anyone hiked the entirety of the devils path with dogs? It depends on the dog, of course, but it was tough enough for us humans. I have hiked all sections of the DP with my dog, except Indian Head; we had to turn back because there is a cliff scramble with absolutely no possible go around. My dog had to search for a few alternate routes for some sections on the rest of the peaks.

Devil's Path: How to conquer toughest hike in Catskill Mountains (photos)

I would NOT do this as a through hike with a dog. Just doing one peak at a time as a day hike was really pushing his limits, and he hiked with me a LOT. I want to hike the DP ….. I was wondering if there are any organized groups. I have very little experience backpacking and camping. I have done day hikes ….. Indianhead …plateau. If you would be willing to give backpacking a try in the Adirondacks to get more comfortable, the Northville-Lake Placid Chapter of ADK does section hikes along their trail. Typically days, up to 12 miles a day, and there are experienced trip leaders to help you learn about backpacking.

Planning to leave late afternoon on 17th and be back by nightfall on the 19th. Let me know if anyone is interested! Ugh, if you were going during the week following I would be all over it! Hiking solo this weekend, fri-sun, sep. End to end. Anyone interested in doing a key swap? Or at least carpooling with a hitchhiker back to the trailhead?

Any thoughts? I would advise to take as few an equipment as possible 20 lbs tops! If one of you carries a tent that would be an advantage… This time of the year the weather always can pull off something unexpected so raincoats and durable maybe waterproof even boots could be vital.

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  • Good luck to you! I highly recommend a cheap pair of trekking poles, as the trail turns into a slippery creek bed for the majority of the hike. I stayed dry with waterproof boots and gaiters. But I agree with Ben, pack as light as you can! Your knees and achilles will thank you at the end ;.

    I saw a couple people out with dogs, and the dogs didnt seem to be too worn out-looking. Good luck and have fun! How reasonable is that? Looking at the Trail Conf Map Set, they show a few locations on the second half but nothing on the first half. Any info would be much appreciated.

    The infamous Catskills trail

    Has anyone done it as a roundtrip day hike? We usually do a big 30 to 50 mile day hike in November and was thinking this could be our hike this year. Not sure about the roundtrip though. Chilly nights, plenty of water, and some amazing views with some fun technical climbs and descents. My boyfriend and I want to give the whole DP a whirl as a two-day, one-nighter, this Nov Will our legs even work?

    Running the gauntlet through the Catskill's most infamous trail

    Will we be able to get out and on the road at any kind of reasonable hour on Saturday? And have enough juice left to drive? Any advice is welcome. Quick follow-up: is there anywhere to camp near the start of the trail, or within a few miles up? HillBunny, did you get any response on this or did you do the hike and find a good spot?

    I am planning on doing the same thing next weekend. Parking at Spruceton and cabbing it to Prediger Trial head on Friday early afternoon. Hoping to finish up by Sunday evening. Great post and thread!